Why Picture Books Are Good For Young Readers

By on May 5, 2015

Picture books are good for kids for multiple reasons. One of the most important is word association. Word association allows kids to learn the names of the things that are so familiar in the world, and some things that are not. It seems simple, but child learning is complex. Parents often think that children learn to identify things simply by watching and listening to their parents. Sometimes children learn by simply being taught. This is especially true when they are mispronouncing things at earlier stages. Parents will often keep the child unduly in this period by reinforcing the incorrect pronunciation because it is cute.

Picture books alleviate this problem. Picture books allow them to learn the proper name of the things  that are in the book and in the real world. Throughout their formative years they will become accustomed to pronouncing the words correctly. When this proper pronunciation is positively reinforced, the child will become a proper speaking adult with great communicative skills. The benefits of good communication skills is an endless list of school and real world related successes. With children, it is also important because children need to be able to tell their parents about the things that they are encountering in order for the parents to protect them.

Another reason that picture books are good for children is as an introduction to reading. The word association benefit is capitalized on at this point. It combines a picture, a name and a spelling. This transitory use utilizes the natural way that children learn. A book focuses their attention on the subject by focusing their attention on the book. When their short attention span begins to drift, the next page offers the opportunity again. This is the magic of picture books for children. The process of simply focusing will transition them from children to teens and beyond. The importance cannot be overstated.

Inquisitive children are asking about all sorts of things. Picture books will be the beginning for them using books as a resource for learning. It is important that picture books are used in these stages. People can pinpoint problems with their children at a very early stage because of these books. This allows them to treat issues early in life when the chances of repairing them are more prominent. Their collection of different types of picture books should be diverse. This allows them the resources to express many of their emotions and ideas with their parents and among each other.

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