Monster Treehouse Club Helps Children Want to Read with New Children's Pen Pal Program

By on May 1, 2015

A new and innovative program aimed at encouraging children to read and improving their literacy skills is now available from Monster Treehouse Club. The company, which was started by Benjamin Hall and Marie Penix, is designed for children in preschool through fourth grade. One of the inventive features of the reading program is the children’s pen pal package, which features a weekly, handcrafted letter from fictional pen pals with a self addressed stamped envelope so children can write back.

“We have taken early childhood education to a new creative level with our new service that allows children to receive letters from our exclusive characters that are 100 percent customized for that child,” said Penix. “They can also write back to the characters, and yes, we read them.”

This, according to Penix, makes children want to read.

The kid’s reading program also has a line of books about their exclusive characters. They ship out books, projects, DVD’s and other goodies monthly for children to inspire them with their engaging content.

“We are really proud of the new books that we are rolling out,” said Penix. “The characters in the book are very much based off real-life experiences that we have both had, and each book is aimed to teach a lesson that connects with children.”

According to the website, there are three different membership levels available. They are the Pen Pal package, the Genius Package and the Prodigy Package.

The Pen Pal package costs 10 dollars a month and includes four letters a month. The Genius Package costs 30 dollars a month and features letters, a digital download, an activity book and other goodies. The Prodigy Package costs 40 dollars a month and features everything in the Genius Package plus a DVD and a 3D art project letter.

Penix said that the weekly monster fanmail letters in their subscription-based services keep regular excitement coming to children.

Some children are born readers. Others may face challenges or do not fully understand how wonderful and exciting reading can be. Penix added that no matter the child, Monster Treehouse Club can help get children to read and improve early childhood literacy.

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