At What Age Should I Start Reading To My Kid?

By on May 8, 2015
Reading To Your Kids

Establishing any sort of a meaningful relationship takes time, perseverance and love. Helping your child to establish a relationship with reading is no different. In order to ensure that you raise children that love to read, are great readers and understand the importance of reading, it is important that you begin reading to them from infancy.

Although an infant will not understand what you are saying, they will be constantly learning while you read to them. At such a young age, the importance of reading is to ensure that you are building a strong foundation upon which you can easily add. By reading to your child daily, you are teaching your child that reading is just part of day-to-day life. Reading is more than something that we do for educational purposes. Reading is something that we do for fun, to pass time, to learn about interesting topics and to take us to places that we can't physically travel to.

Everything that you do with your infant is a new sensory experience and reading is no different. The more involved that you can get with your child, the better. While you read to your little one, you should try to be very engaging by creating different voices for all of the characters and using hand gestures and movements when possible. For a small infant, this will help with tracking which allows babies to improve their eye coordination. For an older toddler or child, this will help to keep them involved and entertained.

Another great way to keep reading fun is to attach reading to a sensory material. An example of this is a touch and feel book however if you are just reading a regular book, you can do this by bringing an item along while you read that has to do with the book. This helps your child to make the connection between the imaginary story character and a real life toy. It also allows for additional stimulation which always keeps the attention of small ones.

A last (and quite possibly most important) thing that you can do to ensure that your children love to read as they get older is to set a good example yourself. If your children don't see you reading on your own, why would they want to read? Children follow the examples that their parents set so the best way to guarantee a love of reading is to show your children that you love reading yourself.

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